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Our Software Factory Squad model provides a highly flexible IT staff team dedicated to addressing your particular requirements for Product Discovery, Software Development, or growth.

Your trust is the guiding star for our startup.

We are the missing piece of your IT Project or digital software Development

Partnering with us means securing a customized IT staff squad comprising proven experts who grasp your business intricacies and are resolute in delivering swift, high-quality development to unlock your complete potential. We're a team founded on the principle that when the right people and ideas converge, limitless possibilities emerge.

Since then...

We've delivered over 1,200 projects for over 500 different companies...

We serve as the essential component missing from your IT project or digital software development.

Upon forming a partnership with us, you gain access to a customized IT staff team comprised of experienced experts who possess a deep understanding of your business and are dedicated to achieving swift, high-quality development that unlocks your full potential. We are a team founded on the belief that the convergence of the right people and ideas can make anything possible.

We've got your tech startup covered. Collaborating with us promises a truly distinctive experience.

Our staff encompasses expertise across over 16 disciplines including cloud computing, big data, mobile technology, web development, DevOps, cybersecurity, IoT, machine learning, ERP, and e-commerce. Members of our team have held executive roles, boasting over a decade of experience in various industries such as banking, retail, pharmacy, healthcare, education, energy, logistics, distribution, among others. This extensive background equips us to create solutions and offer specialized guidance in each discipline, ensuring that our clients receive high-impact financial and commercial developments.

All of this has helped us grow exponentially over the years and maintain lasting relationships with our clients. Our market satisfaction score is 91%.

Presently, our dedication lies in effecting a positive change.

e believe talent can come from anywhere and we are committed to making a difference for those who are talented. With Giveback Program, we’re taking that commitment one step further, by creating opportunities for talented people to thrive.

Your Trust its Our North Star

Our squad Software Factory model offers a fully adaptable TI Staff team that will stay focused on your unique Product Discovery, Software Development or growth needs.

We are the missing piece of your IT Project or digital software Development

When you partner with Coderslab, you get a tailored IT Staff squad of proven experts that understand your business and are committed to achieving rapid Development with Quali- ty that taps into your full potential. We are a team built on the belief that when the right people and ideas connect, anything’s possible.

No Fluff. High impact. No penny wasted

We are hyper-focused on increasing your success in your project . We leverage learnings from thousands of project in diferentes industries with successful brands and startups to refine the Software Factory model. we create for your business.

We cover your tech start. Working with us its a unique experience

Our staff from more than 16 disciplines such as cloud, big data, Mobile, web, DEVOPS, Cybersecurity, IOT, Machine learning, ERP, Ecommerce have held executive positions with more than 10 years of experience in industries such as Banking, Retail, pharmacy, health, education, energy, logistics, distribution, among others, allow us to develop solutions and provide expert advice in each of the disciplines for our clients, guaranteeing developments of high financial and commercial impact.

Join us on this journey!

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