Empower your project with a team of dedicated tech experts, focused on industry-driven solutions.

"Our passionate tech team is the engine behind your projects. We bring innovation, efficiency, and excellence to your tech initiatives, propelling your success."

Meet our visionary leaders.Under their stewardship, we secured many industry recognized accolades.

Enrique Gonzalez

EVP Commercial LatAm

Kenia Villasante

EVP Corporate Financial Management

Maryoris Caldera

EVP International Operations

Marcela Herrera

EVP Marketing and Communications

José Colina

Country Manager USA

Angela Torres

Country Manager Colombia

Jose Maria Allonca

Country Manager Argentina

Julissa Mercedes

Country Manager El Salvador

Rodrigo Asuaga

Country Manager Uruguay

Jeovany Villanueva

Country Manager Guatemala

Diego Antonio Razuri

Country Manager PerĂș

Yeison Reyes

Technical Leader

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