The future is already here: Artificial Intelligence Trends 2024

This 2024 starts with full force as far as new digital solutions are concerned and brings great news. Several of them are focused on the world of Artificial Intelligence and its rapid evolution, which foresees revolutionary changes in many social and business sectors. 

In this opportunity, we will take a tour of the most important trends in this area, which will define the current landscape of AI, and that will allow us to understand how we interact with it and better measure the impact on our daily and working lives.

Machine Learning Models of Excellence 

One of the first lights on this topic is the continued development of new and better machine learning algorithms, specifically in the area of deep learning. This year, models are expected to be more efficient and will require less data to make accurate predictions, further democratizing their access (great news). On the other hand, we see a wide range of Apps, which will address aspects from health care to automated driving.

Intelligent personal assistants: technology at the service of people 

They are back and stronger! This is how these systems will become ubiquitous this year, integrating much faster in our daily lives, being the protagonists and providing personalized advice and management in a wide range of tasks. 

Evolving labor market

This growing trend towards the use of AI will have a major influence within the labor market. New roles such as implementation specialists and Product Managers with expertise in the field are expected to emerge. In addition, there will be an increased need for learning and training as manual tasks are taken on. In another area, the transition to an AI-driven economy will require hard work over time.

Business efficiency with AI: a necessary breakthrough

According to trends, AI will be able to automate entire tasks and provide strategic information, which will consequently help organizations stay competitive and agile in a competitive and fast-changing environment. 

Simplification of service interaction

Together with the development of new App Programming Interfaces (APIs) and the contribution of AI, it will make it easier for software systems to interact with each other. This will greatly benefit businesses, helping to combine diverse services and technologies, resulting in smoother and more efficient operations. 

Empowering and driving innovation

Following on from the previous point, this new combination of APIs and AI will enable the creation of innovative products and services. This will give developers more freedom to design flexible Apps around user needs. In addition, its analytical power and connectivity will open new doors and perspectives in the creation of technological solutions.

Which of these trends do you think will be the dominant one this year? Do you plan to apply them to meet your objectives? We invite you to reflect on this information and tell us what your impressions are in the comments section.

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